Tips to accessorize and maintain and your jeep right

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Most people stop planning on maintenance once they buy a car. You’ve put in so much effort in choosing a car, why not put some into making it look good, rather let your car speak of your personality?

Yes, we are talking about servicing and accessorizing. While advancements in technology have cured some plaguing issues for car owners, no one wants to see their car in a bad shape.

At Jeep, we have a dedicated section to offer authentic Jeep services. You could visit your nearest Jeep showroom in Bangalore, or log into their website to know more about Mopar.


While here we list down a few accessories important for all car owners –

  • Seats cover and floor mats

Nowadays, many cars come with seat covers and floor mats as features covered by variants or accessories offered by dealers as essentials. However, most of the times, these accessories do not cover your needs the way you want them to. You do not want to soil your car’s factory seat covers as they will help you fetch a good price on resale market.

  • Puncture repair kit

An important part of your car is the set of tyres it runs on. These tyres help your car in putting down the power you ask it, help it to stop in time and help you to stay safe when you drive around in inclement weather conditions.

  • GPS navigators

 It is not an everyday occurrence that you find yourself lost trying to find a location. But not everybody is the same and a lot of us admit to being unable to remember the ways around. A GPS navigator is more than just a luxury item for them. With smartphones’ computing power pushing through the roof and their batteries not being able to keep up, by the time you are done with your office, your phone gives up on you or is always on the verge of doing so. Unlike your phone, which might lose its connectivity too, the GPS navigator connects with satellites directly and stays connected at all times. There’s alaway an option of calling up your nearest Jeep service center in Bangalore for emergency assistance

  • Comprehensive tool kit

 Investing in a tool kit has its own advantages as it will help you deal with occasional loose nuts and bolts and the same tools can also be for repair works inside your house. Do not take this issue lightly and invest in one of the toolkits shown here.

  • Jumper cable

 We have become used to standing and waiting at red lights, especially so in peak hours. At such times, many of us prefer to turn off our car’s engines. But shutting down of car’s engine is not followed by shutting down of car’s accessories too, leading to unnecessary drain of your car’s battery. If you are unlucky, your car may also refuse to fire up. Now that is one time you would not want to face ever. This is one of those times when having a pair of jumper cables can help you in getting out of a fix right away.

For more accessories visit your nearest authorized Jeep dealers in Bangalore.

On the service front, Jeep introduced Mopar®, the global giants specialising in all Jeep vehicles. With a pan-India presence, Mopar is the one-stop shop for your Jeep vehicle’s maintenance, Performance Upgrades and Cosmetic Enhancements, so your Jeep vehicle stays in perfect condition for your adventures, always.

 By providing an excellent service experience, genuine quality parts, endless customization options, 24-7 customer care, and engaging web content, Mopar has become a key driver of customer loyalty throughout the ownership lifecycle. It’s our mission to provide customer experiences that will deliver repeat vehicle purchases and make every customer an FCA brand advocate. Visit your nearest authorized Jeep showroom in Bangalore, like PPS Jeep, Bangalore to experience the world-class Mopar Jeep service.

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