Jeep Celebrating 75 Years Legacy - PPS Jeep Bangalore

It is a tribute to 75 years of Jeep legacy with Go Anywhere & Do Anything attitude. For 75 years the Jeep® brand has been incredibly upholding freedom, adventure, authenticity and passion. The key success factor of the Jeep across the globe lies in the brand’s untiring commitment to power and thoughtful engineering. Further, it helped to nurture an amazing, exceptional bond between the vehicles and their owners.

Many of the Indians are passionate to experience the Jeep life since ages. Its popularity in the market has been the same from the mid-90’s to till date. But owning a Jeep was not so easy in the olden days, considering its availability and accessibility of Jeep showrooms. Keeping these things in mind, PPS Jeep – an authorized Jeep dealer in Bangalore, was significantly established and continues to provide a full range of JEEP cars covering every model from the house like Compass, Wrangler Unlimited, Grand Cherokee SRT, Grand Cherokee and other versatile Jeep Models that define toughness & durability.

Well, the core values of Jeep are best exemplified in every Jeep vehicle’s DNA. All Jeep vehicle owners proudly admits that the Go Anywhere. Do Anything.® is a way of life, not just a slogan. The Jeep badge stands as a witness to the truth, adventure, power and history. As we all are well-informed about the Jeep’s history, here in this article we would love to let you know about one of its rarest elements. That is nothing but Trail Rated badge. Want to know what Trail Rated is and why it is so special? Then just read on…


If you are a Jeep lover, you might have known that the Jeep is adorned with A Trail Rated® badge which is not just given but it’s earned. Every Trail Rated® 4×4 Jeep® vehicle conquered against a series of exhausting tests in 5 categories: Traction, Water Fording, Maneuverability, Articulation, and Ground Clearance.


Jeep® Trail Rated® 4×4 vehicles get enough traction and competency to climb one of the toughest terrains on earth. Jeep vehicles come with a range of 4×4 systems to challenge all kinds of off-road challenges and driving conditions. Testing traction control of any vehicle might be tough but not to the Jeep as it time and again demonstrated its swift traction control on untamed, slippery roads (wet, mud, snow) and on steep grades.


Don’t let a little H20 get in your way. Your Trail Rated® Jeep® 4×4 vehicle is equipped with added electrical and body sealing with a great air intake to assist you to circumnavigate streams and flooded underpasses that stop others cold.


Jeep® 4×4 vehicles let you navigate slender gaps, dodge disaster situations and avert cosmetic damage. Thanks to its precision steering and elevated wheelbases. Even gazelles cannot show these amazing talents.


Securing the rubber on the trail let you keep moving smoothly. Sophisticated articulation helps a wheel to halt on the ground longer for maximum available traction when one or more of the other wheels are raised while going over tough paths. Suspensions allow enrich the off-road performance by making the best use of axle articulation, flexibility and wheel travel.


Why should you know that Jeep® 4×4 vehicles can climb over outrageously huge hitches? Because one day when you want that capability, you’ll know you have it at your doorstep. Jeep 4×4 vehicles are capable of driving over obstacles such as logs or whatever else to be occurred in your way. The testing criteria of Jeep include approach, departure, ground clearance, breakover, angles and much more.

Having said that the PPS Jeep as an authorized Jeep dealer in Bangalore operates showroom on par with Jeep’s excellence, standards and history. In case you are planning to buy a Jeep, visit your nearest PPS JEEP today and get the best quotes.