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Why do you buy Jeep when you can buy any other car? We know the fact. You buy it as Jeep is a badge of honor to drive around on both mud roads and city roads. It always stands out from the crowd not only with its off-road powerful performance, but also with its bold looks. Though many of the Jeep owners would love to take their Jeep for beasty off-road trips, still there are many Jeep owners who want a clean Jeep.

But detailing a Jeep is not as easy as some other cars. Even sophisticated veterans sometimes face unique challenges. But it is important to know a few tips for every Jeep owner, whether you are an off-road crusader or an asphalt poseur. Knowing a few critical techniques of detailing with the right products will let you enjoy both sides of the Jeep culture. As we know, a unique vehicle requires a unique level of care. The right repairs and the proper maintenance will keep your Jeep in a top condition for decades. You may understand this statement better if you see a number of Cherokees, Grand Cherokees, Compasses and Wranglers with years of service, still in great condition.

What are the Specific Challenges of Detailing a Jeep?

Jeeps may put you in a situation where you have to deal with unique challenges when it comes to waxing, washing, and general detailing. Because Jeeps come in unending configurations, the tasks presented will ultimately be on a case by case basis. Such as black trim pieces, body fasteners, hinges, and latches, textured hard and soft tops and after-market accessories. Read on to know about the professional techniques that will help you get the best results.

How to detail a Jeep and what are the basic tips?

Washing: Certainly you should start with washing if you want your Jeep to look clean. If you have never taken your Jeep for an off-road, then this part of the equation does not need to be over thought. But if you like going dirty with your Jeep and prefer the “Do-it-Yourself” route, then you must need an electric pressure washer. It is ideal for blasting dirt and mud brought home from your last off-roading excursion. Also it cleans wheels, tires, engines, if used along with appropriate cleaning products. You can also use a separate, dedicated cleaner to pre-treat all areas first before blasting with the pressure washer. Most of the people want to simplify the process by using the detergent container and inject some form of detergent when blasting with the pressure washer, but this is really a short cut that does not really make a difference. You will have a range of options in the market to keep your Jeep clean such as All-purpose Cleaning Concentrate, Garden Sprayer and Tire and Wheel Brushes.

If you don’t have excess amounts of time on your hands to do all the above, you simply make a visit to your nearest PPS JEEP service center in Bangalore as it has an in-depth expertise in Jeep servicing. It makes your car shiny by removing mud, dirt, grease, oil and all any other substance which damage the body paint of your Jeep.

How to wax your Jeep?

Waxing your Jeep for many will be the exciting task…at least that is the basis to many fantasies. But any Jeep owner can easily identify the many mine-fields that waxing a Jeep can display. And any Jeep owner that has waxed their Jeep before can likely verify to the ripple effect of quick wax applications with traditional wax products as time passes with unsightly stained black trim, or excess wax build-up that has now dried chalky white in every crack or seam.

Contemporary wax formulations now allow any car or Jeep owner the ability to get professional results by choosing the “right” type of wax from hybrid wax blends. These are made using both natural and synthetic ingredients for that winning combination of benefits and an exceptional user experience.

Restoring Black Trim on Jeep: If you look around, you will see most of the Jeeps with the signs of hasty wax applications by black trim that has been stained by traditional car waxes. If you are facing the same problem do not be disheartened, as there is a permanent solution to this common problem.

Here are a few top picks in a black trim restoration product. Black Plastic & Vinyl Restorer is not your glorified “Armor All” dressing that will wash off after the first washing. It will last anywhere from 6-12 months depending on the plastic trim. (not all plastic trim is developed equal as there are many variations with mass created plastic parts used on all cars). This is an easy process for wonderful results.

Well, you might have gotten an idea, how to wash or wax your Jeep. If you want to put your car in the hands of certified technicians for professional cleaning or coating services, you can straightly go ahead to the PPS Jeep Servicing Center in Bangalore. PPS Jeep is an authorized dealer of Jeep cars as well as the best place for Jeep servicing / Jeep maintenance. For more information you can visit